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A Pokerstars Spot Censored By The ASA In The UK

Blackjack, Casino, Cards, BlackjackThe Pokerstars company created an advertisement deemed inappropriate for novice players. Thus, the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) of England censures the latter.According to analyzes, the short film is dangerous for the uninitiated days. Indeed, it encourages the budding bettor to bluff without realizing the situation.

Differences of opinion on the content of the spot

Pokerstars launches international advertisement for poker enthusiasts. As a whole, the commercial evokes a very friendly game where one of the players, still neophyte, qualifies himself as an expert by giving 8-3 offsuit. Subsequently, a voice-over that acts as a conscience reassures him that if he has known how to lie to himself on his personal journey, he can allow himself a lie to others. The latter bet on its stack and the spot ends with a slogan: “Pokerstars: you are already a great poker player”. Most people find this ad rather entertaining and daring. However, the British authority does not hear it that way.

Roulette, Play, Casino, GamblingThe ASA blames Pokerstars for the harmful content of the message. The company maintains that this is false advertising. It encourages players inexperienced in deception and that bluffing is beneficial in poker. According to the United Kingdom, it is not suitable to make money by manipulating other players. Even though the ASA understands that bluffing is part of the game’s ethics in poker, this does not justify the tenor of the script in the advertisement. To be successful in the world of poker, a player must have a good knowledge and understand the different aspects of the game. Without these acquired basics, the individual can suffer financially.

Pokerstars sidesteps the ASA’s comments by claiming the spot does not show real money. The bluff is also part of the lot. However, the British authority remains inflexible on the subject. Therefore, the decision is irrevocable. In order to protect compulsive gamblers, the United Kingdom then banned the Pokerstars advertising message. This ban will limit financial problems for consumers. Pokerstars will have to weigh its words in future advertisements in the future.